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new tools for Vaucluse House

When I got the go ahead to work on the new Vaucluse house renovations, the first thing we needed to do was to make some new tools. Part of making tassels incorporates wrapping beads which can either be wrapped horizontally or vertically. Wrapping vertically is done by hand, but horizontally it is virtually impossible to hand wrap the threads straight. The use […]

revamping jute trimmings


In the early 90’s I started my tassel career making trendy, contemporary jute trimmings, tassels braids fringes and cords. Then the fad faded, but not totally. This past year Passementeries has been approached to create new and exciting contemporary jute projects. In the process we’ve developed stunningly new creations. Natural fiber has always had a […]

building My Jacquard Loom

While traveling to Lyon in July ’16, I was able to copy plans, and trace, a 19th century Jacquard loom. It has long been a dream of mine to make a Jacquard — arguably one of the world’s first mechanised computers — and now, finally, I can construct make a Jacquard loom. Ive already made several specialist  French trimming […]

Vogue Living article – an oldie, but a goodie.


VOGUE LIVING : Australia 1998 WRITER:JULIE SIMPKIN PHOTO:GEORGIE COLE PRODUCER:JANET JAMES   USING HANDMADE TOOLS AND LUXURIOUS FIBERS, A SYDNEY CRAFTSMAN PAINSTAKINGLY WEAVES A DESIGNER’S PALETTE OF TASSELS AND TRIMMINGS. Beyond a doorway swagged with rope and giant tassels is a timeless world of manual looms and simple, ancient looking tools. A series of wooden […]